Bug with Mixer Snapshots and FX Channel to Audio Channel Routing


I have build myself a template for live looping and discovered a problem when recalling Mixer Snapshots. First of all, the routing I have set up is:

Input Track (Audio Track, gets the Input Signal, is Monitor)
Output routed to
Bus (FX Channel, to distribute the signal from the input to other tracks)
Output routed to

Record Track (Audio Track, Input is Bus, here I record my loops onto)
Output routed to
Mixer Track (Group Track, used for live mixing)

I have one Input Track per Instrument I am using and usually multiple Record Tracks for every Instrument, so I can layer loops and mix them afterwards through the Mixer Track.
After I finish a song I use Mixer Snapshots to get ready for the next loop.

This is where I encountered the problem. Whenever I load a Snapshot, the Record Tracks stops receiving any signal from the Bus. The Input is still there and the signal is going through the Master, just the Audio Tracks that have an FX Track set as their Input are affected.
It has to be a bug, because when I save and restart the session, the signal is coming through again as if nothing had been wrong in the first place.
I also replicated this in a fresh session, creating one channel each like described above, then making a snapshot and recalling it.

I am aware this might be a really specific problem but I was really excited being able to use Cubase as live looping tool after I figured this setup out, so this really screws me up.

I’d be glad to provide more information on this, also screenshots or a video if needed.


Ryzen 9 3900x
Windows 10 Pro
Cubase 11 Pro