Bug with Moving Events In Project View

When moving events around via the Ctrl + Arrow key, events that were not selected are moved.
See video. Steinberg Cubase 2023 06 26 11 21 08 01 - YouTube

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Hi! Would changing “Nudge - Right” and “Nudge - Left” to single key commands yield different results? I’m asking because on Catalina 10.15.7, I don’t experience this issue. Also, if I remember correctly I believe you use Bome Midi Translator and virtual MIDI ports with Generic Remote. Do you think maybe '“Ctrl + Arrow key” might be assigned in Bome to some script or action that could be the cause of this issue?

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Negative. BMTP can be closed and I still get this behaviour.

What if you open the Key Commands window and change “Nudge - Right ” and “Nudge - Left” to single key commands (so that you don’t involve any modifier key)?

Yeah , I have it set up in key commands. Numbers 9 and 0 are set up as Nudge Left and Nudge Right.