Bug with Multi-bar rest

Hi everyone,

I’ve encountered a bug with multi-bar rests on all my individual string parts (all of them have strings divisi, I don’t know if it is linked… because all my other parts work fine and I don’t use divi with them).

Multi-bar rests just don’t work on individual parts. To make them work, I need to do a system break, then cancel it. But when I get back to a specific part after having worked on the others, the bug is still there…

Many thanks for your help

You need to attach a project that demonstrates this behavior.

Can I send it privately? I have a contract so I cannot share the score publicly.

You would need to send it to one of the team (I’m just a user). They’ve posted their email addresses here before, but I’d rather they posted themselves.

You can send it to me if you like. Please be sure to include specific details about exactly where the problem is occurring, e.g. in which layout, at what bar and on what instrument, and in which flow, together with whatever steps you need to perform after opening the project to reproduce the problem. You can either send it to me as a private message here or you can email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.