Bug with new tempo track in Dorico 4.0.30


Thank you so much for the return of the tempo track in Dorico 4.0.30!

I just wanted to report a small bug with the new tempo track with these steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an accelerando and a new tempo immidiately after it:

  1. Drag left the end of the accelerando (to shorten it) with the mouse, result should be this:

The same bug happens also if you try to move the end point of the accelerando vertically.

Editing grouped dynamics had similar problems before the dynamics lane was removed, Iā€™m hoping also those could be looked at before the return of the dynamics lane.

Yes, we are aware of this problem (which also occurs in Dorico 3.5). We need to make some more changes to the underlying editing code to resolve it, which we plan to do in a future update.