Bug with reference track

I’ve found a bug with the reference track:

  1. Create a new audio montage at 44khz. When the montage opens, it has one stereo track as default.
  2. Add a reference track.
  3. Drag a 44k stereo file onto the reference track - but DO NOT CLICK ANYWHERE IN THE TIMELINE OR ANYWHERE ELSE
  4. Hit play immediately without moving cursor or adding anything else.

The reference track audio begins playback - but:
A) The green playback cursor is not there. It’s not moving at all even though audio is playing back.
B) Monitoring for the reference track is not engaged, but audio is heard (it should not be without “listen alone” engaged).
C) Click the “listen alone” button to enable it, and audio is MUTED - even though it should be the opposite
D) Click the “listen alone” button again to disable it, and audio plays back - even though it should now be muted.


It seems that the “Listen Alone” button is somehow reversed. To fix:

  1. With audio still playing, hit spacebar to stop playback. It stops normally.
  2. Hit play again to resume playing. Now a green cursor is created, and playback works normally - AND, the “listen alone” button is no longer reversed… it’s fixed.


Dragging from WaveLab file browser? If the focus is in the file browser, you are playing that file, and not the montage. That would explain the case.

Ahh!!! Wow… Ok, I didn’t realize I could play audio files directly within the file browser… I’ve seen the little file preview at the bottom of the browser in Wavelab 10, but never messed with it until now…

It may be helpful to have some kind of indicator to show that playback is happening up there - because then I might have noticed it. When we play back audio below, the green play button is lit… when we play audio in the file browser, maybe a green play indicator up there would be helpful…

Anyway, I guess I was in error!

Thanks PG!

It may be helpful to have some kind of indicator to show that playback is happening up there

There is a moving playback cursor there.

It also caught me by surprise a couple of times, and the moving cursor is not so obvious with longer audio files - also depending on the size of the file browser window. Maybe changing the color of that wave to green during playback is possible?

I notice the cursor moving now… but as Arjan said, it’s not very obvious that something is happening. As Arjan suggested, a green wave during playback may help…

Or here’s an idea… At the top of the file browser window, there is a little play/stop button. Currently, it’s grey/white like the other buttons… I see it turns into a stop button during playback… Maybe instead of turning into a stop button, it should just always look like a play button, and it could light up green when playing (like the standard play button), and go back to grey/white when not playing.