Bug with Tempo Mapped Audio on Windows Only

I’ve been experiencing a bug with tempo mapped audio on PC from Cubase 9 all the way up through 12, but til now mostly been on Mac so it hasn’t been an issue. Anyway I’m on PC only now and really want to sort this out.

Basically the issue is I can’t move tempo mapped audio from one session to the other and depend on it to import at the tempo I’ve mapped to it. The tempo mapped audio will behave correctly in the session I’m working in, but it’s a crap shoot as to whether it will tempo lock in other sessions.

I show the workflow briefly here:

Any suggestions? Gonna open a ticket about this but seeing as it’s been a bug I’ve seen for years and years it must not be something most people run into on the daily.

Surely someone else has encountered this problem? It is 100% reproduceable on my end on PC, and 100% never a problem on Mac. I have to have a mac laptop around JUST for this one step in my workflow.

(Luckily, once I add the tempo data on Mac, it always behaves properly on PC)