Bug with the transport bar?

Working in an editor window which is not open in the lower zone and pressing a shortcut key for the left or the right locators will open the floating transport bar window though the transport bar is active in the lower zone.

This happens with the following editors: note, key, drum and sample editor.

It does not happen if the editors are open in the lower zone.

Yeah, that does seem weird, but I think it’s designed that way. Think about what would happen instead of the old transport panel opening, the project window which contains the lower zone transport would have to come forward, hiding the editor.

Hmm, by design?
I can’t imagine that it is designed to be this way.

How would one explain then that if you type the “project position” short key (Shift + P on windows) only the field for this value opens (not the whole transport bar) and after you have typed a position and pressed return the field disapears.

Well, I don’t mean that it should be that way, but since it works the same in C9 as it did in C8 I figure it’s not broken.

Oh! Indeed, now I see this!
I never noticed this behaviour!
Probably because I always work with the transport bar open.

As I mostly prefer to work with a separate editor (I find the editor in the lower zone most of the time too small for my needs) I may then return to the way I am used to work and renounce to the transport bar in the lower zone, though I find that this is a quite nice feature.
But to always have to close a “double” transport bar each time you work in an editor and use the locators is not really an elegant way to work.

Anyhow thanks for your thoughts.

After trying to go back and use the floating transport bar, I notice now that in the arrange window I can’t use the locators shortkeys as it always was before Cubase 9. In order to work the focus has to be on the floating transport bar!
It means you have now to first click on the floating transport bar if you want to use the shortkeys!
This should definitively not behave this way.

Yes indeed. Now that doesn’t make sense. It’s worth a bug report.


Be in the Project Window
Close lower zone transport
Open transport panel
Click anywhere in project window
Invoke command ‘Enter Left Locator’
–result- nothing happens
---- expected: Left Locator field in transport panel would be highlighted.