Bug with Trills in Condensed Score

This is kind of hideous, but it seems to work, at least in a trivial case.

Start with usual trills (I’m assuming you’ve got your Engraving Options set to show bracketed auxiliary notes and trill lines).

Add a grace note that follows the trill.

In Engrave mode, bracket your grace note - if you want round brackets they won’t show unless you also turn on the Break bracket property.

Then Hide Stems.

Set the Trill Appearance to Accidental. You’ll need to do this for each of the two trills.

You may also need to set the Accidental property, immediately above, to Hide.

At least in my trivial example, I found that the Note Spacing handles don’t seem to work for these stemless grace notes, however the Voice column X offset property does seem to work. You’ll have to do it by eye.

I note also that this has decreased the length of my trill line, so you’ll need to drag that back over to the right.


You’ll then need to repeat most of this in the part layouts.

addendum: if you have real grace notes following the trill, this should still work.
Add them all at the start, then select the second of the grace notes (which will be the first “real” grace note) and use the Edit > Beaming > Break Beam command.

All the other steps remain the same. End result: