Bug with Trills in Condensed Score

Just encountered this bug myself and thought I was going mad. Glad to hear I’m not the only one at least. I assume you guys haven’t found a fix yet? :confused:

No, I’m afraid as yet we’ve not been able to investigate this one, I’m sorry to say.

I guess there’s still no news, right?
Just stumbled across this problem working on a somewhat bigger orchestral score and it’s quite frustrating to be honest.
I’ll attach a couple of images (pre and post condensing) – it’s a mess really…

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Yeah, I’ve constantly wrestled with this exact same problem while working on an upcoming orchestral piece, so I’d very much appreciate some news on this bug as well. My current workaround involves having two separate Dorico files, one for the conductor’s score and one for the parts. I display trills with auxiliary notes on the parts, and then display them as accidentals on the score. It’s immensely frustrating having to do this for one kind of ornamentation, so I really hope a fix is introduced soon.

Side note, Pianoleo’s workaround might be worth taking a look at (scroll up to June 2021 on this thread to find it), I just haven’t bothered because having to do that on all my part layouts would do my head in!