BUG with undo

I have noticed a bug where if I mistakenly delete a track, and then use undo to restore it, the track names on all tracks below the restored one get messed up and are all one position out of sync.



could you give us detailed info about your setup and a step by step repro… might also be helpful to get a copy of your project.


This bug (or variations of it – although I’m pretty sure they’re all related to the same basic problem) has now been reported countless times and is probably a year old - you should be able to reproduce it in hours by just using Cubasis normally :confused:

We’re aware of the issue and have listed it in our bugbase.

Yep, this is the one bug that makes me incapable of completing projects. It makes me want to binge eat and watch The View…maybe not as dramatic, but it IS quite frustrating.

Changes in that area are no trivial tasks and result in both lots of engineering and testing efforts. We’re aware that improvements are necessary and therefore addressed several UNDO issues with previous 1.8.x maintenance releases. There are plans to improve the behaviour constantly in comply to the scope of individual updates.


Undo behavior is better than in previous versions,no doubt.But not really fixed.i’m still getting nervous when i NEED to undo.My workflow even changed,most of the time i just manually repeat the edits i’ve done before instead of using undo.This function needs to be ABSOLUTELY reliable.I assume it’s not rocket science for an experienced developer (like steinberg),i’ve never seen that before in other apps (or desktop software).

Same here. I’ve first stopped using Undo after the first few project-destroying glitches, and then stopped using the app entirely. Sorry Steinberg, I was really impressed by Cubasis, but this is a dealbreaker. All development resources should be directed towards making Undo absolutely stable before thinking about anything else (my opinion).

@Crabman: if it’s rocket science or not depends on the approach. There’s a “brute force” approach to undo, being very slow and using lots of memory, but easier to implement and very reliable. From the bugs seen in Cubasis, I think Steinberg took the “elegant” approach, which uses less memory and is faster, but very complex to implement.

The best thing we can do here is provide useful feedback on what isn’t working and the steps needed to reproduce the errors or issues.

As a development manager and architect I fully understand what is required to identify and fix bugs in software. Comments like most of those here are not useful. yes we are frustrated when things are not working, but unless those issues can be reliably reproduced, there is little or no chance of fixing them.

For the moment, we do know that issues with undo occur, but specifics about when and how are largely unknown. let’s all work together to get that missing information, We need to get steps that will cause the issues every or nearly every time.

Then, and only then, can a fix be planned, designed and coded.