BUG: WL & FabFilter @ high latency

These two are definitely still not getting along. In addition to my previously reported issue with fades on render (not CDs), WL simply chokes when switching Pro-q 2 to its highest latency modes. There is a loud click, the meters go full-scale, and all sound ceases until it the EQ is changed to lower latency settings. No problems with other hosts. Can I get an official confirmation (PG?) and timeline on a fix for this? Using WL 8.0.5.


I’ve attempted to report issues between FabFilter and Wavelab to both parties with no real progress.

FabFilter has a forum that the developers check too:

I notice that when I make a montage, load audio files, insert FF plugins and load a preset that the audio gets very strange sounding until I stop and restart the transport. It’s especially a problem if the preset has high latency.

FabFilter plugins appear to work great in Pro Tools, Logic, & Triumph but very hit or miss with Wavelab.

I don’t care where the problem is but having the two developers point fingers doesn’t do any good.