Bug?: Work Area Appearance settings not loaded on startup

Since Nuendo 5.0 release, I get this annoying bug concerning Appearance Preferences settings which are not automatically loaded on startup.

I make Preferences preset and everything is saved and automatically loaded back when I open Nuendo but Appearance always shows up with default settings.

So for every session, I have to manually open Preferences, then load my preset and finally my Appearance settings are back again.

Of course, I have done many times the full “trash preferences - reinstall - repair permissions” enchilada.

This has never been an issue with Nuendo 4, my appearances settings are there, solid.

At first I thought this was a Nuendo 5 bug but this is still persistent with 5.5.

Does anyone using personal Appearance settings have the same issue? Or does everybody use default Appearance settings?

hi otto

i have made quite a lot of tweaks to the appearance settings and it loads fine. you know i’m sure that if you delete n5 prefs and then relaunch it it’ll use your existing n4 prefs as a starting point. i suggest you move both the n5 and n4 prefs to the desktop then relaunch n5. this will give you a brand new set of prefs.

i know you’ve repaired permissions but just check the read/write status of the n5 prefs folder to be 100% sure.

Hi Max, thanks for your help.

You are using same computer/system as I do, so I am reassured that’s not a compatibility issue here.

Yes, I have trashed both N4 and N5 prefs a couple of times (I mean really trashed: make safety copy on backup, then flush the trash >> no traces of N4 and N5 prefs on main disk) but issue remains…

I will do it again following your read/write status tip. By the way, rebuild ALL Nuendo preferences, settings and tweaks from default is a real pain and time consuming. I keep all of my settings on paper for that purpose…

I’ll post back as soon as I’ve tried that again.

OK, so I have done (again) the trash prefs trick for both Nuendo 5.5 and 4. And this time I even add Cubase 4 prefs.
I also checked Nuendo 5.5 Prefs read/write status wich is on read/write enabled.

Sadly, issue remains.

At least this allowed me to refine the issue: it’s not every appearance settings which are not loaded back.
It’s only Work Area Appearance settings which are missing.

My General and Meters Appearance settings are there (Inspector, Channels, Mixer view, Meters). Even the new Fader Color Intensity is saved and load back on start up.

But Brightness, Cycle Intensity, Grid Contrast for every type of windows are not automatically loaded.

I am thinking of renaming this thread to be more specific.