[Bug] Wrong character encoding in AAC filenames

To reproduce:

  1. Open a WAV file in the wave editor;
  2. Name it X’XX’’;
  3. Save it in AAC format;
  4. Result: the name of the encoded file is Xā€™XXā€™ā€™.

Mac or Windows?

Windows 10.

There are also issues with decoding AAC if those “special” characters (e.g., ) are included in the filename.

Are you doing a ‘copy and paste’ for the re-name, or typing in the new name?

In my case, the filenames are inherited from the region markers in a montage. But they can be renamed manually afterwards.


It looks like having those special characters in the names of region markers that are then used to define the output path of ACC files actually affects the very contents of the ACC files. For instance, changing the level of the montage output would not be reflected in the contents of the files if their names contain those characters.

Hmm, I really doubt that because these are totally independent stuff.
This Unicode name encoding for AAC is on my to-do list for 11.1.20, but I can’t allocate time to look at it now.

I have come across something similar (not AAC) when doing a copy and paste on a Windows 10 machine from a document (word, rich text etc) that was created in OSX. The work around was to copy the name to a text file and then copy and paste it to the file name (these were ‘complex’ names that I didn’t want to type manually).

I only mention this in case it might work in your situation.

They certainly are! However the process of saving a file is directly connected with its name and may trigger errors at the OS level if there is something wrong with the name. Just a wild guess.

I was working on a long batch of AAC files when I ran into the issue. Didn’t have time to test it though.

This will be fixed in 11.1.20.

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