Bug: Wrong manual opens.

When having both cubase 5 and cubase 6 installed the help menu in cubase 6 opens the manual for cubase 5.

Must be on OSX thing, on Win7 x64 … C4 opens C4 manual, C5 opens C5 manual and C6 opens C6 manuals

Works fine here. Cubase 5 and Cubase 6 installed. Menu: Help: Documentation>Operation Manual

Opens the corresponding manual.

Suggest you remove the word Bug from the Subject of this thread until you know it is a bug. Sounds more like and install/configuration problem to me.

Maybe even fix the subject typo while your at it.

Must be on OSX thing, on Win7 x64 …

It’s not an OSX thing. If properly installed, the C6 manual opens in C6, C5 manual in C5 and the C4 manual opens in C4 in OSX.

Two things will correct this without having to reinstall the whole thing.

  1. Go into the Additional Content/Documentation/English folder and drag that stuff into the C6/Contents/Documentation folder.
  2. Repair Permissions for the boot drive. Restart the Mac.

The C6 manual should now show up in C6.

This threads title should give you a clue as to why things went wrong.

Yes it should opens. But I doesn’t. I can open the manual directly from Contents folder. But cubase6 picks cubase 5 help. Rebuild permission did not help.
And to clarify.
Help->Documentation->Operation Manual
then I get the right manual.
Help->Cubase Help-> “here” from the helper opens the operations manual for cubase 5.

I don’t have a
Help->Cubase Help

Hm. maybe it’s not the Operation Manual that’s in question, but the help file for helpviewer.app

If so, it is a Mac thing- the bottom entry in the Help menu. But that is a known issue, it’s in the Cubase 6 Known Issues doc, and the fix is included:

27882 [Mac Online Help] * If Cubase 5 was previously installed and the online help
was opened once, then Cubase 6 will show the Cubase 5 online help instead of
the Cubase 6 online help.

Delete this directory:
“User/Library/Caches/com.apple.helpd” After that step, you can open the Cubase 6 online help from the “Cubase Help” entry.

it is a Mac thing- the bottom entry in the Help menu

I stand corrected. The bottom Help. (and the “fix” works).

I don’t have a
Help->Cubase Help

This is what they are talking about and how it appears on a Mac: