If you search the forum for high CPU usage, you’ll find some previous discussion of high CPU usage during playback which concerns the video engine. If you don’t need the video feature, you could try removing that from your installation of Dorico to see if that helps at all.

Yikes. Read through that and it seems scary to me. May try it if I feel brave. Thanks.

Hey Daniel and everybody,

Just to update this. I learned to live with the blanking of the screen, but soon after lots of other issues started popping up on my computer (not specific to Dorico). I’ve since purged about 90G of applications/documents/etc from my hard drive and everything is working a lot better, and as of right now (2 long days of Dorico) the issue I was having with Dorico seems to be gone.

That’s good to hear. Thanks for reporting back.

use Clean my Mac app and it fixes all these problems maybe.

I’m wary of apps like Clean My Mac, and in general you shouldn’t need to use utilities like that (or indeed equivalents like CCleaner on Windows) if you take care to only install reputable software in the first place.