this feels like a bug…
working on a piano reduction, the octave in picture 1 in the last bar, lowest stave is a down-stem voice 1.
I copy the notes of the last bar (upper stave) of piano 1 and proceed with a ‘paste special’ to an up-stem voice 1 in the bar with the octave.
Whatever I do, the notes are pasted in the same bar of piano 1… (picture 2)…

I’m afraid I have not really understood what you’re trying to do (where is the bar with the octave? Octave line?)
Have you tried invoking the caret with the accurate voice and paste?

Also, if the notes are still selected to be copied, right clicking somewhere else doesn’t get rid of the selection. Dorico therefore still thinks you want to paste in the selected bar.

Try this: select a note, right-click anywhere else in the score and change the note-head. you will find the selected note changes.

It should therefore work, if you select the bar you want to paste in first.

Thanks Marc & Sascha, sorry to be so unclear, I was trying to get the notes of the last bar upper stave from piano 1 to the last bar lower stave of piano 2. I’m pretty sure I do everything according the Dorico Bible but the paste keeps appearing in piano 1. I can’t think of reason why these notes are pasted in the wrong stave.
No big deal in this situation though (I simply re-wrote the few notes), but if you copy notes, select the stave and place where they should move to and do a paste (a paste special into another voice or a normal one), they shouldn’t be pasted in the stave where they ‘came from’…(and Sascha, the to be copied notes are not selected anymore)

btw normally this works always the way it should, so it’s a bit of riddle why not in this pretty, straightforward and simple part of the score

maybe upload the project here then (zip it first), so we can have a look?