Buggy behaviour with slash regions

I can’t remember whether this was an issue in previous versions of Dorico, but I’m unable to create gradual dynamics and gradual tempos by selecting a range of beats within a slash region. Instead the gradual dynamic/tempo is created from the beginning of the selection to the end of the slash region.

I’m also unable to create certain items at a selected beat in a slash region: clefs for example are inserted at the beginning of the slash region instead.

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Perhaps you could use U to split the slash region to accommodate your clefs and dynamics.

Yeah, not being able to specify the end is pretty annoying. For example, it would be nice if you could specify a region for a hairpin just like you can notes. You can copy it from another staff though. I only use 1-bar slash regions (or part of a bar) in order to facilitate copying and pasting so I don’t end up having to edit a long 8 bar hairpin or anything. Alt+Shift+arrow to adjust the end goes pretty fast.

If you select a single slash, I find I can insert a clef easily though. Gif below:

Of course one can use the caret to place dynamics anywhere in a slash region without having to split it.

Note that when you input a hairpin this way it does not appear until you set an endpoint, either by inputting another dynamic or typing ?. So you have to enter dynamics such as p < mf one item at a time.

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Yeah, hairpins can be entered correctly with the caret. It still would be nice if they could be entered the same way you can with notes without being extended to the end. Gif below:

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Since we can select individual slashes in a region (and even a discontiguous selection, as with other objects) it would be nice if we could do anything with such a selection.