Buggy behaviour with soundcard


A little report here:
While listening to a track on Logic Pro through headphones connected to an RME Fireface 400 soundcard, I opened Dorico 2.
While Dorico was showing the splash screen the volume on the soundcard output suddenly jumped to full. Luckily the music itself wasn’t loud so I think my hearing is still all there!
I turned the output back down, and proceeded to open a new project in Dorico while the track on Logic Pro continued playing.
Then the same thing happened just as the new project opened.

I checked this again with Logic Pro closed and it behaved the same way: the volume jumped up to full both during the spalsh screen and during the opening of a new project.

Choose Edit > Device Setup, click the ‘Device Control Panel’ button, and switch off ‘Set device attenuation to 0dB’, and that should disable this behaviour for future starts of Dorico.

Oh! Thanks for the (as usual) lightning fast and helpful response.
I would add that IMHO this option should be off by default. I believe this is the only Audio/Midi/Scoring app that I’ve ever used that does this, so it’s not exactly an expected behaviour, and in the wrong circumstances could actually cause hearing damage…
Anyway, my two cents.
Thanks again.