Buggy colouring

Can you guys please fix the buggy colouring scheme in Cubase 11? Can’t colour events also it looks like every part of the interface can change the colour but not the highlighted area.

Muted parts and events have a set color that currently cannot be changed.

The Color tool can still apply colors to muted parts and events, but you wont see the change until you unmute them (or in your case, select them using the Comp tool).

What is the reason for this, I mean why can’t we at least change the brightness or intensity of selected and muted events? It doesn’t make sense at all, It makes customised look useless if you can’t change the highlighted part. Update this please the bright white colour looks like it is highlighted not muted I think it wasn’t that bright in earlier versions.

This is Cubase 11 Pro, it’s greyed out, you guys disabled it, why are you doing this?


Those preferences are for tracks and the MixConsole, they have nothing to do with Events and Parts. The last option is greyed out because you don’t have “MixConsole Channels” selected.

Sorry, I misinterpreted that. So what is the reason that this has been set so we can change the mix console channel brightness but can’t change selected track brightness?