Buggy Copy/Paste?

What’s going on? A simple Copy Paste of a left hand piano onto a bass part is not working. I can do it in chunks of a few bars at a time but even then, it’s arbitrary how many bars it “let’s” me Copy at a time.

What happens when, instead of copy/pasting, you select the music and then Alt-click in the bass?

Oh, and also, do you happen to have any cross-staff notes? Try resetting them and see what happens.

Oh, and also, can you upload the project etc?

Carriegando EXPORT.dorico (1.3 MB)
Alt Clicking in the bass produced a disaster. No time to video it, I have a bass player (me) ready to try this part. Thanks for your help, file enclosed. P

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It’s to do with your arpeggios, I think. Try deleting them and that solves it.

Sorry, I’m not suggesting or denying this should happen, only that this fixes it.


You’ve used a great many voices in the left-hand piano staff. I guess you’ve got into a pickle where you have repeatedly typed Shift+V to start a new voice rather than using V on its own to cycle between the existing voices.

You should straighten that out first: enable View > Note and Rest Colors > Voice Colors so you can see all the various voices you have. Consolidate the three down-stem voices into a single one, and you should be in much better shape.

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Yep, the arpeggios must be attached to the upper staff. If you add a staff below the Bass, select to end of flow, and paste into the top staff, you’ll see that it is actually correctly pasting into a lower staff, which doesn’t exist in your file.


If you Select to End of Flow, then Filter, Deselect Only, Arpeggio Lines, and then Copy and Paste in your file it works.

(Hey Pablo! It’s Todd. We still have to get Emilio on Dorico, LOL)

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Hey Todd! Yeah, I see what you re doing.
So nice to have you here! Yes, Emilio is too lazy to switch LOL

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Yeah I was a bit careless. This is a good opportunity to master that small aspect of note entry protocol.

Thanks Dan!