Buggy / Laggy GUI - Please Fix!

Hey friends. I know a lot of you have experienced this issue in the past where the mixer / meters / windows are acting buggy and laggy. I have a nice new graphics card and it still does it for me. I’ve tried going NVidia and I’ve tried going AMD. I’ve tried just about everything I can imagine. I’ve read the forums, I’ve read the manual. It does it where there are 1000 plugins, or None.

The ONLY THING that seems to -somewhat- fix it for me is to have no edits on the edit window. Meaning, consolidate every track from beginning to end. But of course…I don’t always want to consolidate my edits. I want to leave them as they are in case I need to make adjustments.

Have there been ANY updates or solutions at all that people have had success with?

Currently on Windows 10 Pro with an AMD 6GB video card.

Please fix this Steinberg! It’s quite annoying to have a buggy and laggy mixer window. If 4K video games can figure it out, so can you. :smiley:

Running the latest version of Nuendo and GUI/graphics is smooth as silk on my system with both Nvidia and the AMD card. I upgraded from Nvidia to Amd when I moved to 4K.

Running 2 monitors as well. I suspect there is something up with nyour settings or drivers.

I have the latest drivers, I’m totally up to date on everything.

It doesn’t happen all the time, or on every session. But when it does happen, it’s incredibly annoying. It only seems to happen on sessions that have lots of tracks, and most of my sessions have lots of tracks.

If I just open up a blank session it doesn’t do it. Ever. It’s as fast as can be. But even if I remove all the plugins from that session, it still does it. I have an i9 processor, and it’s barely hitting 40% even on large sessions.

I shouldn’t have to buy an $1000 graphics card to get good performance while editing. This has been a problem for a long time, on different system, over many years. If you search, you’ll find hundreds of other people with the same issues.

I just tested it again. I opened up a blank session, it’s as fast as can be.

I added 120 audio tracks, with audio. It starts to get a little laggy, but just barely. No plugins. 90 - 140 tracks is fairly common for my work.

I then made randomly placed edits on all of those tracks, say 3 - 5 cuts per track. Then it started to get noticeably laggy. Still no plugins.

If I then take the glue tool and glue all the tracks back together, it immediately gets less laggy. This is clearly a program issue.

This should not happen!

TO BE CLEAR - when I say lag I am describing the time it takes from me pressing a key to something happening, such as switching between mixer configurations, OR when zooming in and out on the mixer. My audio never glitches, it’s only Nuendo’s graphics.

I actually noticed there’s a difference in the latest Cubase GUI vs. the Nuendo GUI.

It feels like there’s less “emboss” effect on the audio events and the mixer, and whenever I scroll across the mixer, Cubase’s GUI is ALOT smoother than Nuendo’s.

I think the same GUI in Cubase will be implemented in the upcoming Nuendo updates.

Hi. Just did the same test here. About 70 different sounds in combinations, 128 tracks play simultaniously, 5-7 cuts per track. No lag, no bug AT ALL. Everything is smooth - peakmeters, running timecode, even edit while playing is smooth. What have I done wrong?