Buggy navigation with arrow keys, isolated to some parts certain places

I’ve had an issue where the using the arrow keys to move between notes and staves would sometimes be a bit buggy. Sorry if this has been posted before. I tried to search for previous posts on this issue, but could only find threads dated before Dorico 3 (the wack-a-mole stuff), who mostly ended in rejoicing that the issue was fixed. I’m on v3.5, hence this probably has different roots.

When I use my arrow keys to move between notes and staves, the selection indicator would sometimes just not move, or sometimes jump multiple staves down when pressing the up-arrow. This would not be for the whole flow, but in isolated places for certain parts.

My document is an “evolving” piece of work (read: a hot mess), so I’ve probably brought this upon myself.

I haven’t figured out what caused the issue, but managed to fix some of it by reloading the instruments of a few parts. Have anyone else run into similar things?

If you can isolate the problem to a particular passage in your project, please make a copy of the project with Save As and then cut it down to just the section that is required to reproduce the problem, then attach it here with a description of the steps required to see the issue in action. Then we may be able to explain what might be happening, and potentially fix it in future.

Allright. I wasn’t able to reduce the file enough to pload it (5 bars , one flow, 19 instruments brought it down to twice the file size limit), so sharing a link instead.

In my example, the issue mainly manifests itself around Tenor sax and Euphonium, Trombone 1, as well as Drums and Cymbals. Not all bars are affected, and not the same for all instruments. If it is reproducible, just moving around with the arrows a bit should reveal the problem areas very quickly.

(Btw, I got to hand it to you guys, wiping out 95% of the music broke absolutely nothing in what remained. What a magnificent piece of software!)

Thanks, I can reproduce the problem. The issue is that you can’t navigate through notes that are cued into another instrument, if cues are shown in that layout. I’m not sure what’s going on there, but I will take a look and we’ll figure out a way to fix it!

Good. I also noticed the cues. The issue shows up in Trombone 1 too though, and that part shouldn’t have cues connected to it (unless i’ve missed something).

Navigating through the Trombone 1 part works fine for me – can you pinpoint where in the little extract you posted that the navigation goes awry on that instrument specifically?

Never mind, there are some trombone cues in the drums that i missed. Bar 1:4.

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