Buggy plugin - big problem

A project keeps crashing over and over due to what I think is a buggy plugin. (Was beta testing it…) If I try to remove this FX from the insert (by selecting No Effect) - Cubase crashes. If I try to delete the channel /track Cubase crashes. I don’t want it to sit in the project as it seems unstable, even though the crashes so far only happens when I try to remove it. But I have little confidence in this FX.

So, is there a trick to remove it somehow under these circumstances?
C13.0.30. Win 10.


Fastest way, bar uninstalling it, would probably be to temporarily remove the plugin from the VST folder, start Cubase, ignore the missing plugin prompt, when the project is open replace all instances with another plugin (or no plugin), then save the project (or better yet, save-as).

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Another approach would be to create a new empty Project. And then use File>Import>Tracks From Project… to pull in all the Tracks except the problem one.

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Ah, the obvious solution that I didn’t think of. Thx.

After renaming the VST3 FX it loaded the VST2 version by itself. (Didn’t remember I had the VST2 still installed), but removing the VST2 was now easy and no crash.

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