Bugs after Monterey Update Aug 19 2022

Nuendo after Monterey update could not recognize my MIDI hardwares like Native Instruments Komplete Control S88 and Behringer XTOUCH ONE.
Many Vst’s is not working as well…

Ask Apple…

Thus far here I can see my two connected keyboards, Arturia Minilab mk2, M-Audio Keystation pro-88, my Unitor8 mkii MIDI interface, my Summit Audio element78 mic pre and eq, and my Behringer RD-8 as well.

When you open your Audio / Midi setup application, what does it see? It is under the Utility folder within your Applications folder.

Hahaha, isn’t that the Logic environment? (I am a former longtime Logic user & friend of Gerhard, Stephan, Michael, and Len Sasso)

I haven’t updated Monterey to the latest, still on 12.4. Is anybody else having
issues after updating?

LOL, no, it is the Mac OSX “Midi Setup.” It looks like Logic because Apple bought eMagic a while back. I also was buddies with them, spent time testing stuff with Pro Tools TDM for them back in the day, when they brought out that “TDM Bridge.” Cool idea, that one.

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Where do I find that OSX midi setup?
Oh yes, I definitely remember when Apple bought Magic. “Computer Music Magazine” called me up for my thoughts. Since I was using Logic on a Windows machine and the sale meant there would be no more Logic for PC, I said “I feel like I just got a stick stuck up my butt”. Haha. CM quoted me at the top of their article. Admittedly I was pissed off, because I would no longer be able to use any of my templates and presets, etc. That’s when I switched to Nuendo/Steinberg.

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Updated Nuendo to 12.0.4 yesterday, rebooted but still nothing. I unplugged everything today and replugged and to my surprise everything is working fine. I don’t know how or why but thanks everyone for the extended help.

Hi Ted,

You find that app unside the “Utilities” folder. That one is inside your applications folder, or use the “shift + command + U” shortcut to get to it.

I also started Logic Pro 5 in windows, but since I moved over to macs early on, I kept at it. I am loving Nuendo now though, Apple turned Logic into what looks like a toy… and made accessing and using the Environment really hard. Since I work with electronic musicians, this made everyone mad as heck.


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Updated to Monterey 12.5.1 last night. All good through all of my sessions today. No problems beyond the ones that I already have with Nuendo 12.0.40

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Encountered the problem again. The culprit is Izotope Nectar or Ozone? Reloaded it and it’s working fine.