Bugs and other issues.

When I was a composition student, I wrote a piano piece which I thought was pretty good but very difficult to play. I have decided recently to have this piece performed and so I am using Dorico to re check my writing and bring the work in a well ordered manner to a pianist who have recently showed an interest.

I have downloaded a trial version ( I own other steinberg’s products) and Have worked with the program very intensely. I have spent many hours with it as the piece is complicated and also there is a learning curve.

recently I am getting this results from the software. this is terrible. no matter how much I have tried in engraving to set this right it kept coming to this horrible stage, also, my notes placing have changed place rhythmically in a way it took very long time to fix and then this again, very frustrating…

re attachment, your advice will be welcomed. I am stopping my trial for now, alas.

Most kind regards.

Off the top of my head, there are at least three ways to achieve your result, none of which are bugs. It’s also perfectly possible there’s an actual bug at play.
This will likely be very simple to fix if you can upload the zipped project. There isn’t much we can fix from this picture.

Get rid of the System Breaks. It looks like you’ve crammed far too many systems onto one Page. Possibly as a result of a Frame Break that’s waiting for the next Frame Break, which isn’t there.

But as Leo says, there may be other problems/fixes, and we need to see the document.

@ 1st thanks very much for the fast reply, per your suggestion I have attached a zip file of the document.
As for fixing the problem, I have tried t re enter values for stave placements in engraving, it was ok but then have happened again and again.
I have used staff breaks, no frame breaks. If dorico allows it in the software why this thing should happen? Obviously someone thought that the staff break option is needed and surely it is.
Thanks for your reply and input, wishing a lovely weekend - Rami.

Unfortunately there’s no zip file here: please try again. The zip file needs to be smaller than 2MB to be attached. If your project is larger than 2MB when zipped, please open it again, do File > Save As to save it under a new name, then do Play > Playback Template and choose ‘Silence’, click Apply and Close, then save your project again. It should now be small enough to attach here.