Bugs breed and multiply....

  1. After “Detect silence” and the correction parameters in some plug-ins, keyboard shortcuts cease working, until you poke the mouse in the arrange window. In Nuendo 4,5,6, this bug is absent.
  2. Some plugins such as UAD, located on the track in the off state, after loading project and switching to “On” state - DON’T WORK!
  3. Make finally the MIXER window always on top! I have 4 monitors, but the 5th monitor specifically for this I do NOT WANT to buy!

I have the same issue with UAD plugins. The work around is to drag the plugin into the slot of an adjacent track and then back again.


Thanks, Dean! Good decision!
But this does not negate the responsibility of Steinberg for bugs in their software! Too much “stuff” accumulated. Although the Current version is 7.1, but I have to work in 6.5 for this reason.