Bugs in Groove Agent?


I’m having trouble doing even the simplest of things in Groove Agent, which I never had the time to play with before today. I’ve loaded a preset kit, changed some key assignments, and then loaded a custom sample into four consecutive pads and transposed them a bit. One of the pads had the start-end locators set to a very short segment of the sample. For the life of me I couldn’t “expand” the sample length to include the entire audio material, even after trying various things like swapping pads with those which were playing the sample properly (the same exact sample, I insist), or using any shift/cmd/alt modifier I could think of.

I’ve compared every visible setting between the pads and, except the “coarse” parameter, they were identical.

I exported the kit as a GAK file and then reimported it, and now I no longer see waveforms (although the kit plays properly except for the above sample length issue).

That’s two very weird things happening in ten minutes. Although I’ve never used it, I have a feeling it isn’t the most reliable instrument around. Am I wrong? And what could be causing these issues? (latest version of everything here)


Can’t say I noticed such behaviour before. I never saved kits though so something may be up with that, I wouldn’t know.
If it’s just 1 specific sample that being funny, check if there’s something different about it. read-only perhaps?

Like I wrote, the sample being loaded is the same for 4 pads, so if it was read-only (which it isn’t) it would have affected all of them, and not just one.

Oh sorry, I misread. Agree that sounds like a bug then.