Bugs in rendering and otherwise?

Hey everyone, I’m a relatively new Wavelab user (running version 9.1.0 in Win10 x64) and I recently used it to master a 40-track game soundtrack and run into a few problems.

The more bothersome of them was regarding rendering. I had all the cues in an Audio montage, and since it’s a game soundtrack and looping is important, I had loop markers attached to the left and right edges of each clip. Once I was done with the processing, I had WaveLab render in “All regions” mode by loop marker. Turned out each file had a good half a second cut off at the end. I had to go back and render each cue individually by audio selection, along with a bit of silence after the clip, then chop off said silence via the audio file editor. Suffice to say, it was more time consuming than it should’ve been. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Also, I found that if I saved an audio file, then moved it to a different file group, the tab would not disappear. There were a few other issues I ran into, but they escape me at the moment.

Finally, is there a function to back up the project, complete with all the relevant files (audio and otherwise)? Similar to Cubase.

Otherwise, thank you for your attention and I very much appreciate if anyone could shed some light into these issues.

Loop region renders work ok here. The renders are exactly the same length as the originals and look good. Have you tried testing it without plugins, if you’re rendering with plugins? And you’re rendering to WAV?

The only other things I can think are the status of the “fade in fade out” and “no reverb tail” options in the render dialog.

Win 10 WL 9.1.

Considering the render issue: do you use plugins (and where?), and to what audio file format do you render?

Concerning the tab issue: do you mean the file is not moved to the new file group?

There is no backup as in Cubase, but there is a function to create a copy of a montage, together with all its files, to a new location. File View > New > From Current File > Duplicate

I had plugins on every clip and the master section, nowhere else. Plugins were all EQ and Dynamics, no reverb or anything like that, with one or two exceptions where I used the Ozone 5 reverb as an insert (not via a send). Rendered in Wav default (AKA 32F).

About the tab issue, it did move to the new file group, but the tab within the old tab group would remain, and wouldn’t response if I clicked the ‘x’ to close it.

I conducted a test and exported specific regions with my original settings and one where I unchecked “no reverb tail” under the render options. The “Fade in/out at boundaries” was unchecked in both tests. Turned out that the version with “no reverb tail” unchecked rendered perfectly, whereas the version with it checked had a portion cut off.

No reverb tail is reported in each test for any plugin, whether Ozone 5 reverb was present or not, the other plugins have a latency value, which Ozone 5 does not.

I can’t reproduce any problem here, Reverb tail or or off.
Please try with Steinberg plugins. Do you get the same problem?

Tried with just Steinberg plugs, still have the same problem.

Please send me your montage, without the audio.