Bugs in version 10.3

Detected bugs:

  1. The playhead is jumping back arbitrary to the left marker during the playback is going on.

  2. Direct Offline Bounce: If a region is marked for a DOB after rendering the plugin effect “XYZ” it’s not possible to select the same plugin again, no matter what region is marked. The plugin window pops up shortly and disappear. First if another plugin effect is selected you can select plugin “XYZ” again.


  1. Yes, this is known.

  2. What do you mean by “Direct Offline Bounce”, please? This function doesn’t exist in Nuendo as far as I know. Could you please describe step-by-step repro?


DOB = DOP, I assume.


So if I understand it right, this is the repro…?

  • Select any Audio event.
  • Open Direct Offline Processing window.
  • Add any plug-in (for example Compressor).
  • Try to add the same plug-in again (Compressor in this case)

=> The plug-in is disabled in the list.

Am I right?

If yes, I cannot reproduce it here.