Bugs : Marking notes , note entrance


first I like to say, that working with Dorico becomes more and more familiar.

The problem: I create four new bars, then double-click on bar 15 - the first new bar, start giving in notes result : they appear in bar 17, again position the marque at bar 15 and it works .

The other problem. it’s not possible to mark a in quarter: one 8th and two 16th notes -only the 16th.
I’ve to select them one by one.

Wish you a nice day,

If you’re working in galley view, that may explain why double-clicking puts the caret at the wrong place; there’s a bug there that we have fixed for the forthcoming 1.0.10 update.

I’m sorry to say that I don’t quite understand your second question: could you try explaining it again, or perhaps attach a picture that would help us understand the issue better?

Hi Daniel,
I beg your pardon, as I said : my English is not the best and didn’t have the time.
So I try again.
It’ s quite simple : I notated one eight and two sixteen Notes / chords ( hope that’ right). They are put together with one beam.
Now I simply want to mark the two sixteen chords but it’s not possible ,only all notes within this quarter ( in German Viertel ) could be marked.

Dear How,

I am french, I can also speak german, and I do not understand what you mean my “marking” notes. Maybe if you explain it in german, one of our fellow Dorico users can help us !

How probably wants to say „mark“ the notes = „select“ the notes, i.e. how to select notes :wink:

Selecting this:
will result in this:

whereas selecting this:
select 2.png
will give this result (as expected):
result 2.png

Hi kb.
You made it!! Your first .png examples shows exactly what I meant.
Any Solution?
Thanks a lot

Hi Marclacher,
Thanks a lot, and now I continue in German.
Kb hat mein Problem mit dem markieren von Noten in seinen ersten .png Dateien perfekt dargestellt.

Noch einen schönen Tag,

Dear How,

kb is a mindreader ! Daniel has already told us that all those “selection problems” were among the highest priorities in the forthcoming update, let’s hope your problem will disappear !
Using the Marquee selector, if I just select the heads of notes (without selecting anything from the beams), it works as you wish it would.
If you use the other way of selecting notes, it should work too. Instead of using Marquee selector, click on the first sixteenth note and then cltr-click the second one, and both are selected. Hope it helps !