[BUGS or Inconsistencies?] Sampler Track.

Here are what I think are a few bugs or inconsistencies:

  1. When a Sampler Track is displayed in the Lower zone, the vertical slider that increases/decreases the size of a waveform often does not work. When it does work, raising the slider decreases the waveform size and lowering the slider increases the waveform size. This is the REVERSE of what happens in the Project window - normally raising the slider INCREASES the waveform size and lowering the slider DECREASES the size! This the logical way - raise it to increase, lower it to decrease.

I notice that this reverse behaviour is also present in the general Audio Editor window in N8 and N7. Is there a reason why the logic is reversed?

  1. After clicking the upward diagonal arrow in the Lower zone to open the sample in a separate window, the corresponding downward diagonal arrow in the separate window does not appear to function to go back to the Lower zone. The [X] must be clicked to go back to the Lower zone. Is this intentional behaviour? If so, what is the point of the downward diagonal arrow?

  2. Sometimes, when the sample track is in a separate window, repeatedly moving the Horizontal slider causes the sample display to be lost and the selected audio section can never be brought back into focus again, although it can still be triggered via midi.

Or am I missing something?