BUGS: Serious issues with Note Expressions

Is anyone else having problems with the Note Expressions interface on the left of the window?

  • It doesn’t seem to want to load, or save, a midi configuration, so that I can apply the setting to other tracks. Well, it does, but loading a saved map won’t update the CCs in the list, only the controller numbers assigned to CCs that were already in the list.
  • It sometimes opens a MIDI config dialog when I click the drop-down to make a MIDI assignment, and then when I click Cancel it wipes out any assignments I had previously made.
  • While sitting on an instrument track, change the scroll position of the CC list. Click on another track, the CC list changes to show the first item but the scroll bar stays where it was from the previous list. Bad.

In fact, Cubase has crashed several times while I was trying to make these changes, and/or opening the Kontakt instruments to test.

Very frustrating. Anyone else?


So here is what I am having to do to set the Note Expression controllers for a new track to match a track I have set up as I want it…

  • First, I save the MIDI Input Assignment to a file for the track on which I have set the MIDI controllers.
  • Next I select the new track.
  • Then I have to open the Note Expressions MIDI Controller Setup dialog, and click Cancel. After that, the CC list now has my CCs that I have added (Why??? I clicked “Cancel”! But oh well…)
  • Finally I load the MIDI Input Assignment file that I saved in the first step.

The second hurdle on this is that I have to do this for every track, one by one. Selecting multiple tracks and trying this does not change those selected tracks, only the active track.

And another thing, if I select “Show Only Used Parameters” then it is stuck with that until the program is restarted.

Definitely not the kind of performance I expect from a world class application. I hope this can get fixed very soon, as it makes setting up a template REALLY tedious and tricky.

Anyone else?