Bugs! Update ASAP!

:exclamation: cubasis 3 bugs on iPhone 6s Plus iOS 13.2.3 :

  1. Glitch screen and sound on any auv3 plugin when open or used them
  2. Glitch sound when tapping the volume
  3. Bug on mix down (file corrupted)
  4. Bugs on key setting labell all key not showing
  5. Bugs on timestretch is not cleaned sound
  6. Bugs on any plugin preset while changing the name, delete, etc.
  7. Bugs on setting is changing it self to start. Over and over again…
  8. Bugs on any where while copy paste the audio or midi not playing
  9. Glitch on mixer when slider to close or zoom out when the audio is played
  10. Bugs or features while glued the audio file for together
  11. File corrupted when redo or undo
  12. Future or features that are the mini sample is not have the sample tool?
  13. Bugs with the any auv3 plugin. When you opened again the cubasis app the audio/ song is glitch
  14. Bugs on autoplay the audio

It’s look like the cubasis 3 file is many corrupted for ios 13. And so weight for used. But I don’t know I hope this all will fix quickly. This very uncomfortableness for used. This crazy! You know the price right?? So I payed this app but now what I got. This crazy. I hope you get the money for the right away to fix this all issue ASAP!