Bugs with Groove Agent SE 4 and Cubase 9 Element

Hello all,

I have a licence for Cubase 9 Elements (i have update it) and i have a problem when i use Groove Agent SE 4.
When i load a drumset, sometimes, often in fact, cubase freeze and i can’t do anything… Sometimes after a few time it work again, sometimes not and i need to reset Cubase… It’s very annoying.
It the only VST doing that… When i use other drum VST or synth VST, i have no problem of Freezing… Only Groove Agent SE 4 crash Cubase… It’s a bit scandalous that Steinberg VST freeze my Cubase and not other VST…

Anybody has the same problem or any idea ?


Sorry for my bad english… Sorry Shakespeare…


I have the absolutely same problem :cry: I use Cubase Element 8 (from the store) and I bought that just for the Groove Agent SE 4’s new functions to make my life easier when I sampling… Has anybody any idea to fix it?


Make sure you’re using the latest version

Thousands of Cubase users are using this plugin without issue.

HO, me too…the same problem! i’ve upgrade but the problem is the same…

Just upgraded to Elements 9 and GA did not appear in list of VST instruments.

UPDATE: User error (of course) - my activation code didn’t work because they deleted it when I asked for a refund. confirmed that it was the correct upgrade despite them telling me at one point that it was the wrong package. Between Yamaha/Asknet/Steinberg you get different answers for things. At any rate, original purchase refunded, re-purchased again, installed this morning. Whee! Its a go.

My question now is: with Elements 9 am I entitled to GA4 or just GA SE?

Groove Agent SE obviously.

Never had any problems with it crashing or hanging. But just to let you know Im use Cubase AI 9.0.30 (the one that is free and includes Groove Agent SE) and it works fine with Groove Agent 4 and the Simon Phillips addon. Don’t think there is any real need to upgrade if your a drummer.

Just a couple of bugs in Groove Agent though that support are looking into:

a) Ride cymbal not choking.
b) when you load a kit with “Load Kit with Patterns” in the Kit slot, deselect it and load the same kit again it still loads it with patterns.

Same here, Cubase 9 Artist & Groove Agent SE4. 8.5 does it too, so it seems to be a GA SE4 issue. Did what Steinberg support said to do, still crashes when loading a kit.

Rocksan…What did support ask you to do I will try anything at this point

Same here, with Cubase Pro 9.0.30.
Each time I drag and drop new wav files into Groove Agent SE4, Cubase freezes for a minute : annoying.

Hi, I’ve just updated for Cubase 9 elements and a the problem still exist :confused: I can’t imagine what could be the problem. Is there anybody who solved this problem?


Hi have the same problem…cubase go to freez when i geting sound…
no resolwe??

I too have been having this problem, and its frustrating. Blocking my creativity.
Groove agent is awsome but this issue is making it really hard to work with. And my computer is pretty perworfull.
Plus mapping my alesis nitro kit to it is impossible.