Bugs with repeats where staves are added or removed.

Here are two problems that are related; bookends of the same problem.

In this case, I am deleting a staff at the point where I have a repeat forward/backward (see red mark). The alignment of the repeat marks is completely off. Moreover, the right half should have the forward repeat only on the staff that continues.

Later (orange mark) the opposite problem appears where I am adding a forward repeat at the same place where a new staff is added. In that case, the repeat shows only on one staff when it should span both.

The first problem happens in all modes, and in both page view and galley view. It is therefore a serious problem.

The second one only shows up in WRITE mode in galley view. It is correct in ENGRAVE and PRINT.

Any suggestions, especially about the first one, would be appreciated.
staff-repeat-barline problems.zip (372 KB)

Hi cparmerlee,

By entering an independent repeat barline you can have just the backward repeat in one staff and the forward/backward in the others (you have to enter independent time signatures first in order to be able to have independent barlines). But i can not find a way to have the barlines to join both staves. Althought in the Coda they are joined! I find understandable that the different barlines (bacward und backward forward repeats) don’t join… maybe someone else can explain how to achieve what you want.
Take a look at the attachment.
staff-repeat-barline problems b.zip (372 KB)

I cannot quite duplicate your result. I can get the independent meter into the beginning of the bass clef line. But I cannot get another independent meter at measure 3 as you have done.


in your original file:

  1. Show the signpost
  2. In the first bar select the time signature signpost and delete it
  3. Select the rest in the first staff and enter the independent time signature (with alt-enter or alt-click)
  4. Select the first note in the second staff and enter the independent time signature.
  5. Just as number 3 but for the third staff
  6. In the first staff select the barline under the segno and enter the independent backward/forward repeat barline (here is important to enter first what you want to appear in the first staff from your C Inst, after that you can enter the independent barline in the second staff but not before - well at least i was not able to)
  7. Select the barline of your second staff and enter the independent backward repeat barline.
  8. Enter the independent backward/forward repeat barline in the last satff.
  9. Select the begining of the Coda and enter the forward repeat barline.
  10. Select the final barline and enter the backward repeat.

At the end of the 3er bar/measure the barline crosses the invisible staff.

  1. Select this barline and delete it. The independent barline of the second staff should be visible, select it and delete it too. At this point the barlines in the first bar/measures do not cross the staves anymore and i can not find a way to force them to do it.
  2. Select the first note of the first staff in bar/measure 4 and enter a common but independent barline.

When I try to do step #7, nothing happens. I can select the bar line. I do shft-B, in the popover, I type “:||” then alt-enter. Nothing happens. I appreciate all your efforts on this. I think I am going to simply duplicate those measures and avoid the repeat problem.

I do believe this is a bug that needs to be fixed.


It’s just : |
Don’t add the second |

OK. Thanks.

That seems a bit inconsistent.

It’s just the syntax for repeat bars! Becomes second nature once you learn it, and one less keystroke.