There seems to be alot of bugs. The instrument plugins that I have added via the preferences - plug ins are suddenly missing when trying to assign them to a midi track. Even though their paths still shows in the vst2 path window.

Also, when I imported a midi file for bass, the notes are “choked” (not playing) when there are 8-notes playing on the same pitch right after each other. This happens when notes of the same pitch are overlapping for that plugin. But I made sure in cubase that the notes are not overlapping. So somehow this just occurs in vst live, which I suppose indicates that the notes are moved or something.

Also, the program are very slow when I change between songs. It sometimes takes 10-15 seconds when I click on a new song in the list.

I have steinberg ur824 audi interface. And I updated the latest yamaha steinberg usb driver to see if that would help, but it didnt at all. Cubase 12 works for me withut any problems or bugs so it shoudnt be my computer that is the problem. By the way, I am using windows 10 pro on my PC.

Is it only for me, or are others also experiencing bugs? I understand that this is a fairly new program so it takes some time before its fully developed. But as it is I can not use it, which is a pity because the concept is really good.

… which instruments cannot be loaded? Which platform? Mac, Arm64, x86_64? Windows?

… have you checked the “Length Adjustment” settings?

The Default Setting of Cubase for this Preference is “-2 Ticks”.

… it depends what’s loaded with a Default new Song. I guess “HALion Sonic”. This will take some time to load.

And please make sure that you installed the latest version. Every Friday a new Pre-Release will be published. More here.

See you,

Thanks for the info! I will look into this later today!

Did you try „File/Preload Parts“ after loading the project?

No, I will look into that too!

Spork, the platform is windows and the instrument thats missing are for example ez bass, trilian and ez keys.

Hi again, the tick was set to 0. I tried -2 and other settings but it didnt solve the problem. Maybe its some other setting.

Hi again. I am going to share two more bugs. Its not to be critical because I love steinberg, but I guess its good for you to know.

  1. Often when I have closed to program and want to start it again, nothing happens when i try to open it. I have to restart the computer to be able to open it again.

  2. The undo button in vst live doesnt seem to work often. For exmple if I have quantized some midi and want to undo that. Nothing happen when i press the undo button.

VL takes a while to release resources when you close it. If you wait a few seconds it should open ok. You could always have a look at Task Manager to see when it’s shut down.

… are you running heavy projects? Sometimes the License Engine takes a while to shutdown. But a reboot?

… we’ll check. Thank you,