build a chord from single selected note

when you select a single note that has a tied values duration (ex: half+dotted 16th) and press Q to build up a chord.
The new notes in the chord take the current grid value duration where it could be expected that they take the selected note duration.
Currently it takes several operations to adjust the duration until all chord notes have the same duration as the first one.

Sounds logical (within Dorico). You’d likely have to cut (“U”) the ties to values you do not want, then build your chord, and then rejoin the notes you wanted tied.

Seems like a definite bug to me. Why else would someone use chord mode unless they wanted to build a chord from the existing note duration?? By the way, my experience is that the chord input uses the currently selected duration (not grid resolution). There are 2 problems here. First, the user has to tell Dorico the duration wanted for the added note to the chord (Dorico reverts to the default quarter note instead of the program having the awareness of the selected note’s duration and therefore knowing what duration to use), and second, in the case of a duration that is not available in the durations palette (as in a quarter tied to a dotted 16th or quarter tied to a dotted 8th), Dorico does not seem able to correctly add the note to make a chord with the same duration.

I think this works if you do Lock to Duration first (L)…

Fratveno thank you
I searched around Q and L before asking here to no avail

the exact sequence is
select the note
then enter the chord tones
to enter lower chord tone Contr+Alt
SpaceBar to next starting note

while doing this I entered in a strange situation where the L icon was off but the Lock duration state was still functioning. Couldnt reproduce … :smiling_imp:

I remember I had to click L, clicking the icon didn’t stick…

It’s not a bug: you can create a chord using notes of different note values within the same voice, which is not necessarily a common requirement but nevertheless an important one. You can change the note value between each note you input in a chord, and Dorico will renotate the existing notes in the chord as necessary with ties.

Daniel, you are right. I forgot about cases where you stack notes of different durations. It must be humbling working in the world of music notation that requires so many options!

What if I want to create a chord using notes of different note values within the same voice and I do not want Dorico to renotate the existing notes? In printed Literature for Violin there are often chords with notes of shorter duration - eg quarter - on the deep strings and and half notes on the higher strings.
How can I do that? Force duration does not help.
Do I overlook something or is this not possible yet?

Dear Partitur,

Why would you want to keep all those notes in the same voice ? This is impossible, the way the “voices” are defined in Dorico. You can have the same voice playing different notes of the same length. Nevertheless, you can have plenty of different voices play a chord with as many different durations as voices.
Force duration will keep Dorico away from dividing and tying different rhythmic values you input.
In engrave mode, in the properties panel (bottom panel), when selecting a note, you can choose the voice column index. If all different voices are on the same voice column, they will stack as if it were a single voice (as long as there are no second intervals, which would require to be on a different voice column I suppose).

In this example, I use two up-stem voices (so I had to create a second up-stem voice pressing shift V twice)
Hope it helps !
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Dear Marc,
thank you for your quick reply. I just wanted a quick way to write chords with different note durations, which occur sometimes in string music. Like in Mozarts Violin-Concerto in G.
(See attachment)
I just tested the method with voice column; it works fine!
Thank you for your help!