Build Number of download VS DVD Distribution?

A rather strange question- but unfortunately I was forced to install via download, even though I had the two DVDs, since my computer wouldn’t read the first DVD. Probably something about my old and tired drive, but, the question arises: Is the download version the same build ( than the DVD version? It might be totally splitting hairs, but from Windows 10 developer previews I am used to this potentially making a difference, however slightly…


In fact there is no build of Dorico itself on the DVDs: the DVD simply goes and grabs the latest available build of Dorico itself, and only installs things like the HALion Sonic SE plug-in and all of the sample content from the DVD itself.

So fear not: is the one and only version of Dorico available at the moment, and you’ll get that version whether you download or whether you use the DVDs.