Build up dedicated CPU for Steinberg software

HI everyone,

I’ll be coming into some money soon, and I am going to start buying components to build a dedicated desktop PC. I don’t understand computer technology so it’s all a bit confusing as to which components would serve me best.
Some vitals:

I use Cubase Pro 9
Will be aiming for 16GB RAM, and upgrading later to 32GB
Will be storing OS and programs on SSD’s and samples and project in additional HDD
I also use some fairly numbers of virtual synths and FX (Serum, Halion 5, GA4, Syleth1, Massive, Waves, Slater and Soundtoys)

For starters, I will not be buying a chip that’s intended for overclocking. And as I heard too many mixed reviews of AMD chips, so despite some claims I would prefer sticking to Intel.

Budget around £1000



You can look for DAW workstations out there which are reliable and can be bought with your money.

If you don’t understand PC technology it’s best to go with someone that does, unless you want to learn it all but it will get in the way of actually making music.

Buy as few cores as possible with as much power per single core as possible. This is similar thread. Ultimate Cubase single PC solution, what's your speed demon? - #8 by bFooz - WaveLab - Steinberg Forums