Building 50pcs for a Gaming Lounge, would appreciate your input

Build Help/Ready:

I intend to open a Gaming Lounge with a partner that as a start can hold around 50 PCs.

I would like the PCs to run 1080p high settings for most epsorts games (CS:GO, LoL, Dota2, Overwatch, …)

Budget is no problem, but I still don’t want to overpay for hardware that isn’t going to be used. Specially not 2000$/PC.

At the moment I am thinking of the following:

  1. CPU: an i7 since an i7 is more future proof than an i5, even for only gaming (maybe a 6700?). That way, I wouldn’t have to replace the CPU in a year or two. However I will wait until ryzen is released because the prices will go down. I am still not completely sure of the ryzen leaked info, if there is an acceptable and good CPU offered by AMD, I will definitely be going for that.
  2. Graphics card: I could go with a 1060, but I am leaning towards a 1070 since it’s also kinda future proof. I might end up going with a 1060 (6gb ofc) since that’s all I need. What do you think?
  3. SSD (240GB is enough i guess) for some of the games and HDD for other BIG games.
  4. I still need to find a suitable good looking case that isn’t hella expensive since the PCs will be displayed above the player.
  5. All screens will be 24" 144Hz, probably the BenQ XL24.
  6. Some comfortable chairs ofc.
  7. Im still not sure what mice and keyboards I should get, any suggestions?

Would appreciate your input on this, that’s what I am thinking. Did I do a good first general choice? What do you recommend?

I don’t recommend getting anything better than a 1060 or 480.

AFAIK, most PC bangs aren’t fitted with hardware capable of running all AAA titles at 1080p. Most ppl going to these are going to play Esports games anyways so the extra horsepower is wasted.

Iirc, a standard setup for PC bangs a couple of years ago was ~GTX 960 with a few 970s

I would recommend going for ~50% RX 460 2gb, 40% RX 470 4gb and, 10% RX 480 4gb. Or you can just go 90% RX 470 and 10% RX 480.

For CPU, I’d really wait for Zen to come out and see if their lower end R3/R5 CPUs make sense. BTW I don’t think it makes sense to get i7s for your use case here. A locked i5 would make a lot more sense.