Building a computer for Dorico/Cubase/Video

Piggybacking a bit on @dankreider 's thread

has anyone had experience building a (Windows 10) computer optimized for Video and Sound production. Most YouTube videos deal with building computers with processors, memory, and graphics cards optimized for gaming; but I wondered if anyone has leads on what factors are most important for audio (Dorico/Cubase) and video (VideoStudio) use, including libraries like Iconica, VEP, etc.

I already know the published recommendations for Dorico and have in the past just bought (gaming?) computers that met them, but I am considering building my own computer next time I want to upgrade and wondered if any experienced users who have done this can provide recommendations what areas of the machine to keep an eye on (knowing that newer processors and graphics cards are bound to appear all the time).

In general I think gaming PCs are tuned pretty well for overall throughput throughout the system, so you could go for the components in a high-spec gaming PC but then swap in a much more modest video card rather than a top-of-the-line raytracing-capable GPU (unless you also want to play the latest games as well!). Provided your graphics card has enough video RAM to drive two 4K displays at 60Hz or more, you should be fine.