Building a Cubase 5 machine... getting the bugs out.


We just put together a second C5 machine and there is a noise issue, could an advanced system builder
kindly assist in trouble shooting here.

We are getting what sounds like amplified computer noise … sounds like we can hear the computer accessing the hard drive and making calculations. its funny, the thing sounds alive.
We changed interfaces and ground lifts. Power bars. (Monster to Furman)

Second in Cubase5 (5.2 or any)(and C4) there is a crackle when editor windows are open (midi part window) or on some VSTI’s
then when you close the window and are back int eh arange/inspector … its runs good. (weve changed ASIO latency up and down)

Motherboard is the Asus P5K-VM
Case is Mini p-180 (Antec)
Interface = USB or PCi or FW400
Nvidia 8600GTS

is there a definitive way to mount the mobo.

Thanks in advance.

Do you get the noise through headphones from the interface?
I had the same problem with my new build running fairly long unbalanced cables from my TASCAM US-144MKII (only has L/R RCA outs) to KRK Rokit 5 monitors.
Switched to short (1 meter) cables (still unbalanced) and it seems to have eliminated the problem.
BTW, I’m definately not an “advanced system builder”.

Funny, that sounds like the kind of trouble you can get from laptop swich mode power supplies.
It’s quite similar to the normal “hard drive sound”.

Could you describe your connections a bit further, do you use grounded power bars? Tried making a modified test bar/power cables with the ground disabled/removed?
Have you tried swiching the power supply?
Do you use balanced connections where applicable?
Does the sound also bleed into recordings or is it only present in your monitor speakers/phones?


I have tested the situation a bit, it is hard to describe but it is intermittent, and then it is like someone turned up the gain on a mic (no mic on this system btw.) and you can hear the computer operate when it access the hard drive,
a high pitched and modulated sound, the computer sort of talks to you. its funny but not when you are needing to have a clean mix. It happens in or out of a DAW.

Is there a source to check the P5K-VM to see its if “its DAW FRIENDLY” or not?

You might receive more feedback posting in the “Computer/Studio Hardware & Setup” forum.
Some more details about how you have what connected would be helpful, also.

Generally your mobo will only fit into the case one way and one way only… so doubtful that’s an issue.
I did have a problem similar many years ago and tracked it down to a hard drive being VERY close to my sound card’s internal card in a PCI slot being too close to the hard drive. moving the HD further away from the card solved it.

yes on the mobo I was looking for extending mounting tips. How do you like your Asus board and the i7?
wouldnt it be nice to have the total mix fx on the MfaceII?

Im using the PCI card for the Mface II so Ill try your method too.
BTW RME should make a 4 port card for the Mface and Digiface so you can hang a digiface and 3 mface boxes for 36+ i/o of analog audio.


TBH it was the easiest build i have ever done! i have one of the coolermaster cosmos ‘silent’ cases… plenty of room in it to work and it’s VERY nicely made… no nasty sharp edges etc…
The only thing i did have a bit of a problem with is that using the default RAM timing settings set my RAM speed to 1033MHz when it should be 1600… soon sorted though!
Yeah i have thought the same thing once or twice too actually… would save a few quid and as i only have 1 1xPCIe slot on my board i would be able to run more than one Mface box instead of either having to go PCI or buy a new mobo :smiley:… still we do have the digital i/o options too which are pretty comprehensive!
Yeah total mix fx would be great! not gonna happen though as i would imagine our hardware is not compatible… not the end of the world though… wonderful interface! :smiley:

Matjones, just in case you havn’t thought of it, you can jam a PCIe x 1 into any type of PCIe slot, as you don’t have to worry about the link speed in this case.
So with the ATI in the lower x16x16 slot you’ve got 3 PCIe and one PCI to play with, but of course I don’t know if these are already occupied with other toys!


Ah! i never realised that! cheers! will have to have a look into that :smiley:

Yes that’s right i have the GPU in the lower slot… i did have another xfired but that was before i got the Mface. I didn’t realise i could drop a 1x card into a 16x slot so i ditched one of the GPUs.

That’s all i have in there for the moment, may look into USB 3 at some point if host cards become available… but it’s not urgent… not even looked into it actually…