Building a new Daw, Q about GPU.

Hi, I’m building a new computer for my homestudio and are wondering what gpu that works well with my setup and Cubase 8.

Current Pc Build:

Cpu: Intel Core i7 5820.
Chipset: Asus x99-a.
Ram: DDR4 2666Mhz 4x8gb.
Harddrives: Samsung 850 EVO

I’ll be using 2x Benq full hd 27inch. Would for example a Radeon R7 240 2gb work, or would it clog up the system?

Any tip are greatly appriciated. :slight_smile:

That’s a loaded question, and one to which you will get as many suggestions as there are users.
Let me just say, aside from bonafide software bugs, I have no issues running Cubase on my system. See my Signature for the details.

Thank you Brihar for the reply. I had a feeling i would be asking a loaded question, but as it is the last thing I need before I go to my computer guy, I want to make sure that I get some opinions. I’ve had issues with gpu’s in the past.

I guess my next question would be; Would there be a conflict if i choose a AMD gpu over a Nvidia gpu, on my setup. And is 4 gb the minimum for smooth running 2 hd screens and C8?

I would say 2Gb video RAM should be sufficient. As to possible conflict with graphic Processors, virtually impossible to say. You’d need input from someone actually using the AMD you intend to use.
In the past I used to build my own PCs for Studio use, but every time there’s a new learning curve because of new technology, so I decided to have the last one built by a pro. My stipulation was that he’d have to guarantee that it would run Cubase (7 at the time) flawlessly, and I provided him with the necessary specifications including SSD discs, dual monitor etc. The main spec was based on the HP Xeon workstations which at the time Steinberg specified as the ideal platform for Cubase.

Make sure that Windows is allowed to install the driver, rather than using the official OEM download, as Windows does not load up all the ‘extras’, most of which are not DAW-friendly!

Agreed. :slight_smile:

I’ve been burned a few times upgrading my GPU driver off the Nvidia site only to find additional drivers and software like HD audio, 3D video, user interfaces, etc. All designed for the gaming user not the DAW user. These extras are easily removed after the fact but it is worth clicking the “Custom” installation option and making sure only the GPU driver is checked if getting the update from the GPU OEM.

Regards :sunglasses:

+1, as that is minimal, as Win is also installing the PhysX and 3D options.

However, I sometimes wonder if the OEM latest is necessarily the most stable. I suspect that getting WHQL certification to be included for Windows Update may require some more stringent stability requirements, whereas direct-from-the OEM downloads might be more targeted to the ‘cutting edge’ gamers, who are more impatient, and have less stringent real-time audio stability requirements than us fringe market dwellers!

After all, it was gamers that basically drove the GPU market with their ‘money is no object in the pursuit of speed’ attitude for years. Of course, we have to be grateful to them, because we get to have cheap high-performance video cards.

That drive also pushed Intel to integrate much better video into their laptop and desktop chipsets and CPUs than those underperforming and restricted-capability ones, with poorly-written and inflexible drivers, they had been dumping on us for years.

Checking on the Benq site, I see some 27"s that are pretty nice. I’m in the market for expensive IPS monitors for video / photo restoration.

In the past I have seen AMD/ATI GPU drivers cause flickering on simple 2D UI So I stuck with Nvidia. I recently changed my 550Ti to a 650Ti and Even though the 650Ti is an old dog to gamers, for dual HD monitors, even triple HD it’s just fine. I’m even running it x8 mode and it’s fine.

Unless you do animation or heavy video editing would you need a significant boost in the gpu dept.

Cheers all for the replies. Will defenetly be aware off those nasty little extras that I don’t need when installing the drivers. Got ahold of the last 27" this weekend, and im extreemly happy about it. Even tho I could have gone for a “cheaper” option, I’ve have used a Benq 27" for a year now and I can’t use anything else. My friend thaat runs the local computer store gave me a good price too, so now the screens are set in stone. :sunglasses:

Still working on the other computer parts, but at least I feel more at ease about the gpu part :mrgreen:

Please let us know how the x99 platform performs!