Building a new machine only for audio recording, any advices!?

Hello all!
I’m using an RME UFX II and the most of our jobs use less than 12 channels live recording, along with about as many virtual intruments.

Right now I’m thinking in the intel i5-10600K (6 core 4.1GHz) along with 16Gb 3000MHz RAM and a fast SSD (EVO 790 Plus maybe).

Am I going the wrong way?

Being a klutz I’ve never attempted building my own DAW.

But I am a big proponent of using custom PCs that are built for audio.

One thing the folks that build them do is test the various components for how they behave in an audio production environment - which is different than a general purpose PC, especially related to real-time processing. So I’d recommend taking a look at the offerings from a few custom DAW builders and see what components they are using (and avoiding) in their machines. That way you can use their research for free. :smiley:

My last few PCs were built by these folks

Your post will probably get moved to Computer/Studio Hardware & Setup, at which point the good folks there will fill your head with such science you will no longer know your armpit from your elbow, so for my 2c, you’re already on the right road.

Modern kit is more than enough for audio, but my rule of thumb over the past 5-6 years has been “RME, Intel (no hyperthreading), Gigabyte”, prefer clock speed over number of cores, no dedicated graphics cards (Intel integrated GPU is fine for Cubase) and generally stay away from pure gamer kit (but watch closely what gamers are getting!). I use an SSD for OS and programs, and couple of terabyte “spinners” for cheap storage – if you will be loading a lot of samples, get another SSD for libraries.

I’m not going to expend any energy defending my choices, it’s just what has worked flawlessly for me.