Building a new PC for getting back to music making

Hi All,

I have been wanting to get back into music production for a while, not had the money for a new PC.

How does this build look to you guys? Will be running Cubase 6 on Windows 7.

Primarily use samples, VST’s and audo effects across many tracks. No recording.

Have PCIe Firewire interface to go to my Mackie 820i also.

Look like the build will do the job?

IMO 1TB may not be enough if you’re going the sample based route.
I’m not a fan of i5. I’d go i7 and change that 1tb HDD to a 1 TB SSD or Have a 1tb HDD and a 1 TB SSD.

But, those can always be updated later on if $$$ is tight at the moment.
ftr, you’re not leaving much in terms of upgrades. If you get really serious and start tracking out, this machine will probably come up short, maybe not initially but once you start expanding .

yea its better than my set up imo and i dont really have probalems with my rig