Building a tempo for a live song

Hey guys, I’ve got a live acoustic song I’m working on at the moment with drums etc. I’ve used the kick drum to map out midi nots which has been usefull in making a woodblock click.

However I’d like to get cubase to use these midi notes to map out the tempo. When I use the merge tempo from mapping tool it moves all the audio events in my projects and it ends up sounding like a car crash!

Any ideas? Thanks


u have to consolidate all tracks and make them begin from the start of the project and then make a tempo track and whatever u want with tempo

but keep in mind when u have seperate audio events and u change the tempo they will move

Hi all,
same here. Quick rant: The whole Tempo/Metronome/Time Warp/Grid complex in Cubase is a little convoluted and hard to grasp. I can do okay, but most of the time it’s frustrating following the manual to the letter and still have tracks drift all over the place. Rant over.

Case in point: As the OP indicated, I too have a live rehearsal session that I recorded for eval purposes. A singer audio track, two mono tracks from a stereo guitar processor and a MIDI drum track.
What I’d really like to do is to tap out the tempo so that I can later correct the drums a little and so on and so forth.
I did follow the instructions, a time based MIDI track was created, merged, and lo and behold: The MIDI drum track that stayed untouched all the time changes tempo and is totally out of sync with the audio.
What’s worse: The resulting tempo track shows, you know, a nice fluctuating tempo, give or take a few bpms, but the resulting grid doesn’t even line up with the tapped MIDI notes. Why?

Could somebody please post a rock-solid, proven procedure to merge tempo from tapping applied to mixed audio/MIDI tracks?


set all Audio/midi tracks to linear mode to make the events not moving by tempo changes (the “note” icon should be toggled to Clock icon on tracks )

Thx Moz,
I’ll try this as per your instructions. But AFAIK it doesn’t say that in the manual. It might be a good idea to set everything to Linear mode before manipulation any tempo-related setting…


Yes, this :wink:.