Building an Arrangement

Is there a way to do this, other than manually? you have a track that build up with parts being added, you want the track to end in a similar way to how the track started. Probably the wrong terminology but, you want the track to build up then, build down, or fade in and fade out.
Pic 1 the part
pic2 duplicated
pic 3 goes out as it comes in, this was done by moving the blocks with the mouse.

I’m looking for some sort of flip function.

thanks all.


After you duplicate the MIDI Parts, select them. In the Info View double-click the Start field. Hold Ctrl/Cmd down and press Enter. If you press Enter while holding Ctrl/Cmd, the value is not relative, but it’s going to be applied to all selected events.

Thanks for your reply and the method works, however, I was expecting it to flip the notes, so they would be at the end of the arrows in the image provided. Track 1 is the first thing you would hear and therefore this would be the last thing you would here, circa bar 23.

It would be useful if there was a way to “mirror image” the idea.

Would this help?