building hardware compressor. .

I very interested in having a go at building a compressor leveling amplifier.

Either a clone 1176 or an la2a

Being an electrical mechanical engineer im more than capable of building it but would rather than go through the hassles of sourcing parts swotting up on diagrams of others builds I would prefer to buy a kit ready to build.

Sure sourcing my own parts would certainly alow me to make it to taste…but im no expert on compressors ideal components and what companys to get them from.

Their seems to be a couple of companies in the states that have great kits.but adding import taxes I wouldn’t know what its going to cost without enquiring with hmc and distributors for their delivery charges over seas.
Not ruling out buy from the us just be easier to get from uk.
So basically has anyone in the uk built their own compressor using a uk kit supplier if so could you share who…or if you have in general im interested to here how you got on ect.

You must be a masochist! But, good luck. Doesn’t scale as well as VSTs.

Glad you are not trying to emulate a Fairchild!

What? A hardware compressor doesn’t scale as well as a vst? Yeh maybe price wise not in actual performance plugin compressor as good as they are just doesn’t compete to actual hardware.

As for me being a masochist. …no IM NOT

A friend of mine has been in touch recently and has already completed his own build of an ssl buss compressor clone. He said it sounds very sweet.he is about to start an 1176 and has offered to help with any builds I want.

But to be honest I just seen the new out this week warm audio 1176 and at £500 im very keen to give it a try . either that or build my own stereo 1176 with the help from my friend.

Thanks for your somewhat sarcastic reply

Sorry, but I forgot to put in the smiley to indicate I wasn’t really having a go at you.

I like (well, maybe ‘prefer’ is a better word) building my own stuff too (computer and studio), though a compressor is something I would probably leave, just because if they were any good, I would need several of them, which would need more I/O from another audio interface, ad nauseum!!

I haven’t heard the ‘real’ hardware Fairchild and LA-2A, which I could never afford anyway, but I like my UAD versions. Ignorance is my bliss! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Also, some compressors do need tweaking to get the required transfer functions accurately matched, due to the variation in the characteristics of the control elements. Fairchilds are notorious for needing regular tuneups, but I doubt we will ever see a clone kit of one of them – just too complex, and HEAVY.

Yeh sorry my bad too maybe I took you wrong too :wink:

Their are quite a few of the fairchild clones available
Seen two last month on ebay for around £500

Here is just one i found on a quick google

To be very honest if I dont make a stereo 1176 I probably will sack off the idea of building one.

I have my eyes on a drawmer 1968 for my final mixes and like I said either a couple of the warm audio 1176’s and the soon to come out stereo link kit or build one with my friends help.

Silly us! :smiley: :smiley: :blush:

They have a version 2 that is a lot smaller:

Its nice that isnt it :ugeek:

The price is 500 I wonder if you get the casing and metres for that too?

Doesn’t have a case, but they mention ‘DIY-Racked 670 case’ and an ‘upcoming Collective Cases 670 enclosure’ at the end of the PDF:

Nice :smiley:

Or you could just have them build one…only $6000 :laughing:

I built a Bloo La2a, cost about £700 several years ago (including import duty from the states to UK), not a beginners build and you cant get them anymore but very authentic to the original.

Great sounding comp, well worth the effort and fun too :slight_smile: plenty of la2a builds out there of various quality.

:cry: :confused: