Building new Groove Agent 1 kit copying samples other GA1 Ki

What I am trying to do…

I have a song that I use the GA1 CD Brush kit, but I would like to use the crash cymbal from one of the rock kits which I really like.

I have tried dragging and dropping the crash samples from the rock kit in to an empty pad on the Brush kit. It looks like it going to or should work but doesn’t. I tried it with the ALT key pressed as well but with no success.

Am I doing something wrong or is this function not supported ? The Manual lists other sources that samples can be copied from but does not mention from GA1 to GA1 kit.

If this method does not work is there a different way to achieve the same thing other than have 2 occurrences of GA1 open with different kits. For example I tried without success to find the individual samples that make up each kit on my hard disk with a view of loading that way.

I know I can get round this problem with 2 GA1 kits but this seems messy and surely the ability to build new kits from exiting ones is basic functionality that should be available in GA1 !!!

Yeah, they PURPOSELY flawed GAO in quite a few ways. :neutral_face: :frowning: :angry:

You should be able to find the kit/samples in MediaBay, but you probably tried that already (you didnt specify). A SURE way to get it done is to sample GAO. Bounce the kit/samples, for FULL access to them both internally and externally. You could then use the samples with any program/plugin or DAW.

Just program the kit/samples you want so they are seperated far enough to avoid bleeding, then bounce to a audio track, then slice up the samples, then drag each one to its own channel, name them, then bounce/export a final time.

Finding the samples would be FAR less work though (OBVIOUSLY). If this doesnt help, and noone else chimes in with specific locations to the samples, ill check it out later (when at home) to see if I can find them. :slight_smile:

Well, after my attempt at finding “Swirl” from the Brush Kit in GAO, Ive come to the conclusion that it is hidden somewhere, and only loads within GAO. GAO has quite a bit of content in MediaBay, however I cannot find that specific sample. It may be in there but under a diff name? idk.

I guess the only work around is to sample GAO like I suggested in previous post, Im sorry to say. Apparently Steiny wants to protect their Kits as much as they can. :neutral_face: