Built in audio loops not in sync with project tempo?

What am i doing wrong? Why cant i sync audio loops to project tempo? Is there a time stretch function that im missing. I tried tapping to the loop’s beat but that causes the loops tempo to change with the project tempo (they seem to be erroneously eternally locked together).

To answer my own question, the project tempo can be matched to the loop tempo by scrolling the tempo option until the transients match the grid. Fine tuning with the + and - button will get that perfect loop tempo. Next question then. Is there a way to match the loop tempo to the project tempo?thanks.

Hi Starfugger,

At the moment we don’t have time-stretching or pitch-shifting functionality, but we have that on our feature request list.

You can use Electrify NXT as this will time stretch your loops and also preview your loops in time once clock synced to Cubasis (btw it only syncs solidly with loop mode turned off in Cubasis).

Once you preview a loop in NXT that goes well with your track in Cubasis you can Audiocopy from NXT to Cubasis and it will be at the correct tempo. Or record via Audiobus :wink: